Just wanted to show off some new types of print I did a test run of, and they came out gorgeous!

They’re 6 x 4.5″ archival quality photographic matte prints.
slightly larger than a normal photo or postcard and the artworks have come out so well on them!
Some of them have varying white borders on 2 sides to frame the artworks.

I have 45 of them available at the moment, with doubles of ‘Solomon the Wise’, one of which has a border and one without and ‘Forest Lord’.

If anyone is interested, they are £3 each with £1 postage.

Let me know what you would like, will definitely be getting more of these done!

I’m going to create a list of the available artworks in print as well.

I really need to get my big camera back! So apologies for the quality of the photographs at the moment!