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July 2016

Launchpad Art Exhibition

A couple of photos from the Launchpad Art Exhibition on the 6th of June that I was featured in!

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Was a really awesome experience and just thought I’d share how the exhibition looked and was set up and which artworks and limited editions I featured.

(I also seem to have sneaked into a couple of the photos)
Can’t wait for the next one!

If you’re interested in any of the works displayed, are interested in a commision or in me exhibiting at an event feel free to contact me on:

Some of the photographs are courtesy of Stuart Hawes Photography.



Holidays are the best for creative bursts and doodles! Wish you were here from Majorca!

I shall be getting into the thick of it again, had such a creative burst of energy on holiday have loads of motivation and am raring to go!
So keep an eye out!


Commission: Ice Warrior

Ice Warrior Kori 5 edit

Ice Warrior
Pencils, 8.3 x 11.7″

Finally am able to show this!
Had an awesome time doing this commission for someone giving it as a birthday gift. And to boot, I got to draw an amazing friends amazing dragon character again!

I’m starting to make up a quick commission reference guide for standard one-off commissions which should be coming soon and am exploring the best store fronts to house my work and prints that is best for me and followers interested in purchasing my work to make purchasing more fluid and easy.

Commissions are currently closed. Keep posted for when they are open again.

Anyone interested in any of my work or prints are still able to buy directly from me through message or email:


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