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August 2016

‘Night Wish’ Pillow

Look at this absolutely gorgeous customer photo of my ‘Night Wish’ pillow from RedBubble!

Its double-sided and printed on high quality fabric.

I love seeing my stuff finding a loving new home, so thank you so much to Daisy!

I love seeing photos of my artworks finding new homes, so if anyone else has any photos they want to share, it’ll make my day and probably get a feature!! 😀


Want one for yourself? Find this and many other artworks at my RedBubble and Etsy stores!


20% off t-shirts on my Redbubble!


Got another Redbubble discount code for you all!

Get 20% off on a range of awesome t-shirts with the code FIGHT20!



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Sneak peak

Been getting back into drawing after a bit of a slump, its been non stop sketching!
So here’s a sneaky peak of something else I’m doing at the moment.

Guess who?

Ornamental double sided-wooden dragon eggs!

I’ve finally finished these little dragon eggs!

I found some little 4.5 x 6cm wooden egg ornaments and decided it would be fun and a bit different to play around with creating double-sided dragon eggs, all hand inked and with unique designs and personalities.
They took forever but they were fun to do and I’m so pleased with how they’ve come out. I’ll definitely be making more of these and making new designs to go along with them!
These original art ornaments are available on my Etsy!



Project Update!

Project update!
Just finished up the layers of acrylic wash on the main painting piece, which means I can start up the oil painting layers next and that’s where all the fun begins!

This seemingly basic skeleton of an acrylic wash is actually vital in providing a base whilst serving as a tonal and texture map also helps to unify all the colours in the main painting, and also adding more depth to tones, colours and textures.

Its going to be changing a lot from what it looks like right now, its gonna be fun!

20% off my Redbubble store today!

A little  Redbubble code for you guys!
Use code OMG20 at checkout for 20% off today on everything in my store today!!
(Expires August 8, 2016 at 11:59pm.)

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Happy Smaugust!

Apparently its Smaugust ‬.... so any excuse to draw dragons and I’m there!
Thought I’d dedicate this first Smaugust one to the main dragon himself then went from there!
Doodled these at work in biro pen, had loads of fun with it! Will be doing some more of these I think, they make for really good warm up sketches!

Writer for My Trending Stories

I was recently asked to write for a new blogging site called My Trending Stories, I thought it would be an interesting and fun experience and have just put up my first couple of articles.

My Trending Stories is a new blog site based in New York, who prides itself on one specific value: giving back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression, and I can get behind that!

If you’re interested in my random ramblings ranging from my art musings and essay and research works to things sitting on my mind, then come and take a look!

RebeccaElysium on My Trending Stories

Etsy shop now open!

My Etsy shop is officially open! (after some blood sweat and tears!!)

Check it out here by clicking the icon:



If you feel like quickly grabbing prints, limited editions, originals and all sorts of handmade arty creations,  this is the place for you!

Etsy provides a convenient and easy to use store to display and sell all my work on, with more items and artworks being made available as they become available!
Quick, simple and easy to use, it seems like one of the best ways for me to sell my work.

So please check it out and keep checking in as I’ll be making special discounts and adding  more awesome stuff in the near future!


(Note: Due to the nature and fees of the storefront, items prices are slightly higher than if you were to buy from me directly.)

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