An illustrator, fine artist and aspiring graphic novelist based in Leeds/Reading, UK.
A journey through the Elysian fields of artistic fantasy and imagination.

Rebecca Elise Smith, also known as ‘RebeccaElysium’ online, has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember with her passion for art and imagination not dwindling over the years. 

Her art derives from the depths of imagination and her fascination and wonder at the world and the deep seated mythology at its core, shaping and constructing our ideals and visions before us often with a Gothic touch.

Rebecca is also deeply influenced and interested in the film, game and comic industries and is as big a nerd as the best of them! These are very much ingrained within her work as she explores the fantastical realms and stories that leave us in rapture.

Born in Leeds and currently studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading, she is a mainly self taught artist who is constantly in the process of developing and disseminating her work and hopes to secure a position within the comic, film or game industry whilst continuing to work on her own illustrations and art.