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Etsy Grand Reopening!

Finally my Etsy shop is all shiny and new and up to date! It’s chock full of my new prints, ornaments and original artworks as well as my Disney Villain stickers and other favourites!
So to celebrate heres a voucher for 10% off everything in my online shop until the end of August!
Just use the code: GRANDREOPENING at checkout!

Southampton Teenage Market

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m taking part in the upcoming Teenage Market Event in Southampton on the 27th of May!

Its an event exhibiting new entrepreneurs and artists and I’ll be showcasing a load of new artworks, sculptures and prints available to view and buy!

It’d be awesome to see anyone who’s around, so come along and say hi!

9am –  5pm

Focal Space – Westquay Shopping Centre
Harbour Parade
S015 1QF



Belated January Sales on my Etsy!

Heres to some late January sales with 10% off everything in my Etsy store until the end of January! Used the Code: BELATEDJANSALES10 to treat yourself to something arty after Christmas!

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15% off everything on my Etsy!


I have been updating my Etsy with loads of new prints and original Inktober works up amongst other things!

Perfect Christmas pressies or a sneaky treat for yourself! Inktober works are a great way to get an original piece for a fraction of the price.

Use code: jinglealltheway15     for 15% off everything in my shop til the 8th of December!

Just click on the icon below to follow the link to my shop!

And if you’d like to keep up with my most recent artworks checkout my Facebook or Instagram!


Upcoming Exhibition Event at Rodillian Academy Christmas Fair

My work will be exhibited at the Rodillian Academy Christmas Gift and Craft Fair on Saturday the 12th of November: 11am til 3pm

I won’t be there as I have another university exhibition to prepare for, but I’ll be displaying a selection of my original work and a variety of prints, sculptures, jewellery and all other things arty and crafty, perfect for Christmas shopping or even to take a look at some of my works in person!

I’ve left everything in the capable hands of my sister!

So please come along, support the show and check out my work a bit closer to home! There’ll be 30 other stalls and displays along with me and refreshments and snacks are available and is looking to be fun!

The fair is at Rodillian Academy, Long Thorpe Lane, Lofthouse, Wakefield, UK,  WF3 3PS (WF3 3PU on satnavs)

Hope you can join us!


During this series of upcoming exhibitions and events my Etsy shop will be on holiday, and open back up again in December.

Etsy shop now open!

My Etsy shop is officially open! (after some blood sweat and tears!!)

Check it out here by clicking the icon:



If you feel like quickly grabbing prints, limited editions, originals and all sorts of handmade arty creations,  this is the place for you!

Etsy provides a convenient and easy to use store to display and sell all my work on, with more items and artworks being made available as they become available!
Quick, simple and easy to use, it seems like one of the best ways for me to sell my work.

So please check it out and keep checking in as I’ll be making special discounts and adding  more awesome stuff in the near future!


(Note: Due to the nature and fees of the storefront, items prices are slightly higher than if you were to buy from me directly.)

New 6 x 4.5″ Archival Quality Mini Prints!

Just wanted to show off some new types of print I did a test run of, and they came out gorgeous!

They’re 6 x 4.5″ archival quality photographic matte prints.
slightly larger than a normal photo or postcard and the artworks have come out so well on them!
Some of them have varying white borders on 2 sides to frame the artworks.

I have 45 of them available at the moment, with doubles of ‘Solomon the Wise’, one of which has a border and one without and ‘Forest Lord’.

If anyone is interested, they are £3 each with £1 postage.

Let me know what you would like, will definitely be getting more of these done!

I’m going to create a list of the available artworks in print as well.

I really need to get my big camera back! So apologies for the quality of the photographs at the moment!


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