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Southampton Teenage Market

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m taking part in the upcoming Teenage Market Event in Southampton on the 27th of May!

Its an event exhibiting new entrepreneurs and artists and I’ll be showcasing a load of new artworks, sculptures and prints available to view and buy!

It’d be awesome to see anyone who’s around, so come along and say hi!

9am –  5pm

Focal Space – Westquay Shopping Centre
Harbour Parade
S015 1QF



15% off everything on my Etsy!


I have been updating my Etsy with loads of new prints and original Inktober works up amongst other things!

Perfect Christmas pressies or a sneaky treat for yourself! Inktober works are a great way to get an original piece for a fraction of the price.

Use code: jinglealltheway15     for 15% off everything in my shop til the 8th of December!

Just click on the icon below to follow the link to my shop!

And if you’d like to keep up with my most recent artworks checkout my Facebook or Instagram!


Kick start the festive season with Black Friday on Redbubble!

So it’s getting close to Christmas and everybody seems to be getting into the festive mood. So lets kick start the season with some festive sales!
Get 35% off of hoodies and sweatshirts and 20% off everything else on Redbubble!
Simply use my exclusive code: gift-RebeccaElysium
Code is active now and expires on November 25, 2016 at 11:59pm!
Slowly getting new designs up, so keep posted!
And to all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

New Instagram Account!

So, I’ve finally decided to expand my social media horizons a little bit further and gotten an Instagram account for all my artworks as well!
Please come and join me @rebeccaelysium for more artworks and general arty tomfoolery! There’ll be more wips and other little sneak peaks that you might not catch on my website or my Facebook or DeviantArt pages, or may just want a more chilled art setting on the go!


The Final Countdown

It’s been pretty quiet here recently as I’ve been moving back to university to kick start my final year!

But now that I’m back and starting to get settled back in the artwork shall continue!
Have quite a few big projects coming up and a few still ongoing, so its looking set to be a busy year!

In the meantime, here’s a work in progress of a piece for my start of term exhibition at university. Its very rough at the moment, but slowly starting to come together!




The Wendigo

The Wendigo

A doodle that I ended up getting really into, think I’m going to play around with some inks on it as well. I absolutely love these monstrous mythological creatures!

Really helped to kill off some art block I had!

Done in tonal pencils
8.3 x 11.7″

‘Night Wish’ Pillow

Look at this absolutely gorgeous customer photo of my ‘Night Wish’ pillow from RedBubble!

Its double-sided and printed on high quality fabric.

I love seeing my stuff finding a loving new home, so thank you so much to Daisy!

I love seeing photos of my artworks finding new homes, so if anyone else has any photos they want to share, it’ll make my day and probably get a feature!! 😀


Want one for yourself? Find this and many other artworks at my RedBubble and Etsy stores!


Sneak peak

Been getting back into drawing after a bit of a slump, its been non stop sketching!
So here’s a sneaky peak of something else I’m doing at the moment.

Guess who?

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